Calendar art in progress

We have spent most of our pyjama day doing our calendar art. We are drawing cityscapes from an ant's perspective - looking up at the buildings. Here are some progress shots.

Start of term art

We did a bit of art today that linked with our recent geometry focus in Maths. Have a look at the beautiful results!

Jongwoo was extra creative and made a double sided creation!

Art project: bird edition

Today we had a whole day in our homerooms, so we took the opportunity to do some art! After determining the features that make a bird a bird, free reign was given to create an artwork using pastels and dye. They look even better in person, so pop in and see them displayed if you get the chance!

Pāsifika Week

Last week we had a school-wide Pāsifika Week. We had a great time learning some Sāmoan sasa and dabbling in a few different languages in Rūma 8! On Friday we did a mini inquiry into the fascinating history and culture of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island.

After a morning of research, we gave carving a go that was inspired by the famous Easter Island statues. We spent a block making our own mini soap sculptures. It was quite tricky and gave us a whole new appreciation for how hard it must have been for the people of Rapa Nui to carve their massive sculptures out of volcanic rock. Check out the results below! (A couple are still in progress and will be added to the blog when they're done.)

City Gallery Trip

This week, we were lucky enough to travel into the central city to City Gallery, and see an amazing exhibition on New Zealand national identity.

After we saw some incredible exhibits, the kids got to make their own collaborative artworks, each contributing an NZ plant to their group's bouquet. Below are the beautiful results.


We had a great time a couple of weeks ago exploring geometry with a nifty hexaflexagon template. Check out Jake's in the video!